Sam Winchester - I'm working on an investigation in this area, with my brother, Dean. Nothin' too serious, just... If you see anything suspicious, come tell me. We'll sort it right out.

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"Aww, lil’ Sammy. You got tall, didn’t ya? And pretty, too. I mean, I would be jealous, but…"


"Yet still you call me little… Do I know you, by the way?"

"You’re such a dork when you smile like that."


Me a dork? Look in the mirror, dorkface,” Sam smirked, a little too proud of his ‘insult’.

"Dad… I mean, it’s not like I’m asking you to forgive me, just talk to me, please. I’m sorry."


His gaze snapped up to meet Jim’s, a bitter disappointment in his eyes. “You’re an idiot,” he grumbled, after a long pause. “You’re… You’re just like me, and —…. And I wish, more than anything, that you weren’t.”

"I'm the hero of this story, I don't need to be saved."

I think we may have a slight plaid conspiracy going on with Darcy’s near and dear.

i feel so used

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  • it could take SPN off the air
  • it could take away future Cas episodes
  • it’s directly hurtful to Misha and everyone else who works on the show
  • they will not understand that it’s because cas kissed a girl


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Hi there! My name is Ludwig and I am so excited to go to AAC for the first time this year!

However, I would like to make a post regarding something very important to me, and that is personal space.

I love making new friends, and I love receiving hugs and offering them, etc….

"Hey, Jerk Face. I know you’ve been gone a lil’ while, but I miss you. Like, a lot. Me and Jo have been going nuts on wedding plans, I swear. Should all be finalised by the time you get back, so you won’t have to do any of the boring girly stuff. Our little hell spawn - and yes, I do say that ironically - hasn’t started kicking yet, but I’m sure he’ll do fine. Yeah, he. Mom’s convinced, the first kid’s always a boy in our family. I was thinking of naming him after Dean, maybe. Or Cas, I think that’d be nice. Any way, I’m rambling and I’m sure you have more important things to do than listen to your voicemail right now. Just wanted to let you know that we’re okay and we love you. Sounds kinda weird, doesn’t it? We. Huh. Love you more than Duncan loves you. Night, sweetie."

- voicemail from Darcy Lewis, 17/10/13, 22:04 pm.

Sam sat, elbows rested upon knees, as he stared at the ground, listening intently to her voice. Each syllable was like music to his ears, his heart melting, as it did every time he was with her. Wedding plans… Agh, as if he needed any more burdens on him, there was the wedding. And holy fuck, the baby. Without realising it had quickened, the young hunter slowed the pace of his breathing, allowing his body to catch up with his mind, and willing them both to slow down. A boy, huh? Well, maybe that’d be easier. Unless he turned out like his father. In which case, they’d be in for a Hell of a ride. Castiel Winchester. That was a name he’d heard before, many-a-time, but only in passing jokes about the angel’s relationship with Sam’s brother… But it did have a ring to it. The bridge of his nose burned, eyes welling up with tears, only so much as for them to be full, not to spill onto his cheeks. “There’s nothin’ more important than the sound of your voice, babydoll,” he croaked over the voicemail, voice cracking mid-sentence. Waiting until the end of the message, he picked the phone from its cradle, and dialled Darcy’s number.

"Hey baby, it’s me… I… I miss you."

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